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Expertise from Success

How I Can Help

Strategic Business and Product Planning

Through my past successes and failures I have gained invaluable insight to what works and does not work in defining strategy and direction. Its with these many years of insight and experience which I can leverage to advise you or your firm.

Development and Sales

At the core of everything is the customer. With decades of management experience there comes a complimentary experience in sales. I started my career early on in sales in the tech industry which still serves me today and remains at my core philosophy of Sell. Design. Build. Let my experience advise you or your firm to generate the best customer first bus-dev. and sales strategy.

Global Operations for Manufacturing

In both Seagate Technologies and Conner Peripherals, we were able to create and forge new manufacturing processes to drive efficiency and margin growth. These included globalizing a formerly domestic manufacturing process, developing new technology to support product delivery and developing a complex and integrated strategy for delivery. This was carried into Conner Technology and later Blustor for development of a new disruptive technology.

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